The Italian Language and Culture at Peace’s service

The Italian Ministry of Defence and Società Dante Alighieri signed a new agreement aiming to deepen the cooperation between Italian Armed Forces and the Società in implementing joint initiatives both in national and international contexts. The objective is to widen the diffusion of Italian language and culture outside Italy through a more thorough cooperation between the two institutions. This will strengthen and facilitate the establishment of interpersonal and institutional relations between foreign and Italian actors, and it will also facilitate the certification of Italian as a foreign language.

During the announcement, the Minister of Defence Roberta Pinotti underlined how the Italian language and culture have been characterised by continuous exchanges with different people. This aspect plays a role in the positive results obtained by the interventions of the Italian Armed Forces in foreign contexts. This is due, added the Minister, by the specificity of the Italian language and its influence on the humanitarian approach implemented by the Italian Armed Forces in conflict resolution operations.

Andrea Riccardi, President of Società Dante Alighieri, confirmed what said by the Minister Pinotti, highlighting how “the 400-strong Dante Committees’ network in the world represents ideally a place for peace where it is possible to promote our country and our values”. This is what inspires the new collaboration with the Italian Armed Forces, the President concluded.

However, the collaboration between Società Dante Alighieri and the Italian Army is an already thriving reality. In particular, the Dante Committee in Tripoli (Lebanon) has been collaborating for a long time with the Italian forces involved in the UNIFIL mission in Southern Lebanon, providing language courses to Lebanese military forces cooperating with the UN-sponsored mission. The Dante Committee in Amman (Jordan) also launched various projects with the Jordan Army, while in Kosovo the Società Dante Alighieri contributed to the creation of an Italian library in the city of Peja, where another Italian contingent is present.

Watch the video of the announcement.