XXIV European Film Festival – Tripoli

Thursday 22 February 2018 marked the beginning of the XXIV European Film Festival with the screening in Tripoli of the Italian movie “Moglie e Marito” (Husband and Wife) at the Cinè Planéte.  During the following days up until the 24 February other movies were screened in different locations around Tripoli, including the Institut Français and the Safadi Cultural Center. The other movies screened were the French movie “Patients”, the German movie “At Eye Level”, and for the younger, the animated film “Long Way North”.

Here there are some pictures of the opening event.

The crowd assisting the opening screening at Cine Planéte.

Speech delivered by Mr. Jose Louis Vinuesa Santamaria, Head of Economy and Local Development Section at the EU Delegation in Lebanon.

The movie poster.

Snapshots from the movie “Husband and Wife”.

The crowd at the Safadi Center.

Souvenir pictures with the students of the Lebanese University.

Alessandro Masi from Società Dante Alighieri interviewed at UnoMattina

On 25 September Alessandro Masi, Secretary General of Società Dante Alighieri, was interviewed during the broadcast program UnoMattina on RaiUno, the flagship channel of the Italian public television. He talked about the spreading of Italian language in the world and the many activities that Società Dante Alighieri is planning.

Enjoy the video of the interview with the subtitles provided by Dante Alighieri Lebanon.

Celebrating Società Dante Alighieri

It is September, and all around the world the activities of the committees of the Società Dante Alighieri are in full swing. Let’s spend a moment to recall what La Dante has accomplished in these long years.

Società Dante Alighieri is proud of being part of this great effort in spreading the Italian language and culture.

In Lebanon the Società Dante Alighieri is present with a committee based in Tripoli. Are you curious where you can find the other committees around the world? Check here!

And that is just one of the many results that the activities of Società Dante Alighieri achieve every year.

This kind of events is also happening near you! Check Dante Alighieri Lebanon’s Facebook page to receive continue updates on what we are organising!

Also, enjoy this video celebrating the Società Dante Alighieri and the amazing people that are part of it!

Società Dante Alighieri Spot

سوف تعجب بجمعية دانتي أليغييري ولجانها يفضل العمل الرائع الذي يقومون به بجميع انحاء العالم.تابع هذا الفيديو واكتشف كيف يمكن ان تصبح إيطاليا شغف الحياة.انضم الينا في دانتي أليغييري لبنان!You gotta love the Società Dante Alighieri and its committees for the amazing job done all around the world.Watch this video and discover how Italy can become a passion for life.Join us at Dante Alighieri Lebanon!

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Music Time: Mannarino – Elisir d’Amor

From Rome with Love

Look at that smile. That’s Rome, baby.

During the last decade Alessandro Mannarino became famous all around Italy as the modern embodiment of a traditional way of making music. Growing up in Rome, he brought the old style of the traditional Roman singer “de borgata” to the attention of the whole Italian public. He crafts  beautiful songs that bring the listener in fairy tale-like atmospheres, undersea travels, or directly teleport them into the narrow alleys, crowded taverne and lively small squares of Monti and Trastevere, some of the oldest neighborhoods of Rome.

Alternatively singing in Italian and Roman accent, his raucous voice has become now unmistakable, and Mannarino uses it as a tool for the most different styles, from ballads to spoken-word stornelli to, in its most recent works, more pop-style songs.

Elisir d’Amor – Lyrics

From Mannarino’s first album, Elisir d’Amor makes the listeners believe to be in a crowded street a Rome where a street seller is selling a special love filter that would makes everybody happy and life easier and less stressful. It is almost impossible to listen to this song and not start moving at the rhythm of the music.

Udite Udite gente 
il mondo è tanto triste, 
la donna piange, il maschio insiste, 
il cielo è in coma, l’ansia cresce 
ma non vi preoccupate gente, 
un esploratore in amazzonia 
ha scoperto un fiore,
capace di curare tutte le ombre del cuore, 
compra elisir d’amore(compra)compra compra elisir d’amor 
compra compra elisir d’amor 
è qualcosa che fa bene al cuor prendi una candela e una bacinella e l’acqua fai asciugar 
fa sciogliere il fuoco bevitene un poco 
ma non esagerar 
l’elisir d’amor ti prenderà 
l’elisir d’amor ti prenderà compra compra elisir d’amor 
compra compra elisir d’amor 
è qualcosa che fa bene al cuor 
compra compra elisir d’amor 
compra compra elisir d’amor 
è qualcosa che fa bene al cuor piccola pantera dalla pelle nera 
regina del mambo 
classica ragazza 
che ti guarda e passa nella jungla del metrò 
prendi un poco di elisir d’amor 
prendi un poco di elisir d’amor compra compra elisir d’amor 
compra compra elisir d’amor 
è qualcosa che fa bene al cuor 
compra compra elisir d’amor 
compra compra elisir d’amor 
è qualcosa che fa bene al cuor l’elisir dell’amore, scaldatevi il cuore
compra compra segnò